Daring to think, daring to speak, daring to act

or how to build a prosperous, equipped and respected Africa

In just 20 years, crises (related to the environ- ment, energy, food, finance, etc.) have led to very profound ques- tioning regarding the mea-

ning of our humanity. The world is moving, the world is trembling at …In just 20 years, crises (related to the envi- ronment, energy, food, finance, etc.) have led to very profound questioning on the meaning of our humanity. The «emergence» of new powers, like China, older and more deeply rooted in history than some big West- ern countries, is ushering in a new world or- der. New standards and the merchandizing of natural resources raise the question of the relationship between humans, but also call again into question knowledge systems, adding to an almost endless reproduction of hegemonies and hierarchies.

The capitalist system, once triumphant, sees its hegemony compromised, or at least strongly challenged and contested. Formerly accepted relationships are called into ques- tion again (peoples’ demands on human rights, gender, trade, access to resources, etc.). The concept of an ‘abstract universal order’, a result of the historical hegemony of the West and of the Westernization of the world, is being challenged everywhere, in- cluding in Western societies trapped by the same globalization that has long fed them.

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