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Apprendre avec les communautés

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When the organization becomes an international network

When we question ourselves on what is Enda today, the first thing that is noticeable is the fact that its image reflects a certain feeling, globally positive both internally and externally and which can essentially be attributed to its historic gains. In order to reinforce this general sentiment and ameliorate the legibility of the action of the organization and its missions, the idea of a re-foundation slowly anchored in people’s mind.

The determinants of Enda’s re-founding result from the combination of its rich experience (which needs to be further valorized), a strong internal will for change and the constraints imposed by the constant evolution of the context. If the first two are essentially rooted in endogenous process, thus manageable, of a network of autonomous members who share the same visions and principles, the last determinant tend to push more than the preceding ones.  Indeed, the exterior constraint splits into two major elements which are going to determine the future of Enda:

-          The actual worldwide context with which Enda Network needs to stay in symbiosis in order to render its choices more pertinent and its actions more useful;

-          The financial stakes which became so important in this period of crisis are now part of the principal conditions of success of the re-foundation of Enda’s system.

Since 2008, following the resolutions taken at the general assembly of Toubab Dialaw, the decision to transform the NGO ENDA TM into a network of national associations, which means a network of non-state actors which share the same vision and creed, has been taken and accepted by all of its components. The motivations that justify this choice are multiple:

-          This mode of organization is more suitable to its mission: Enda engage itself for the promotion of fair, plural and inclusive society trough political, economic and social changes. Through its mission, Enda is trying to change the society as a whole and not just a single sector or a given theme. Thus, it is crucial for Enda to articulate its actions with the different collaborating parties of the different field of change that have been identified. Furthermore, taking into account its international dimension and the necessity to be present at all levels, there is a need for an organizational model which allows and facilitates adaptation and thre autonomous decision making of the different components while developing to the maximum the interactions and cohesion that justifies the link between the different entities.

-          This new model of organization is more efficient to act in synergy with the social movements at the different levels. Indeed, only a network can allow Enda’s interpenetration with the social movements, taking into account the fact that they themselves work on the same network model and construct their coalitions based on that.

-          It is also the result of a preference expressed by Enda’s entities who at multiple occasions voiced their desire to work in a network system that is similar to the one existing now.